Pasta and Sugar

I know it’s not THAT unorthodox, given that pasta consists of 75% carbyhydrates. Nevertheless, it is my weirdest treat to shove white sugar over my pasta.¬†

My Grandpa used to have one ‘proper’ bowl of noodles with sauce, Bolognese quite likely. And then have another bowl with sugar for dessert. So whenever I eat this mix today it is a sweet childhood memory. My Grandpa suffered from lung cancer and passed away when I was 14. He was a warm, generous man, and he had this weird habit of sleeping with his hand on his head, so that his ellbow pointed high in the air. It looked so funny! I recently discovered that my son does the same. He does not share my fling for Grandpa’s weird dessert.

Anyway, if you really want to treat yourself: put pasta and sugar in the pan together and let it caramelize. Mhmh yammieh!

Cheers, Nae73