Acting – handmade

Ah, what a nice question in the daily prompt! There are so many things I prefer handmade – from bread to clothes or being served by real people. But there is one thing you cannot replace – and that is theatre. I do include handmade music into this, too. You can watch a really great movie or listen to a neatly produced CD, but nothing can substitute the experience of a live show or play. 

Some shows thrive by technology, and that is alright. Modern theatres include all kinds of media on stage and impress with their sophisticated skills. But what I really love is the rough, pure art of acting. An actor raving, crying, going mad on stage, playing as if it was the one and only opportunity in life to show what she feels: that is it.

My admiration for all types of theatre as greatly increased since I have been taking on acting classes, because I start understanding the hard work behind it. It is not just techniques and learning text. It is revealing yourself to an audience which might or might not like what you reveal to them. 

I love the atmosphere backstage, the excitement and focus. And I cry in the audience every single time. Coming to think of it –  maybe the thing I prefer handmade is passion.

Cheers, Nae73