Where to start

Before we start the game we have to find out where we stand. Why do I do this experiment?

I think people perceive me as tough and not needing anybody. This is, of course, a misperception. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. But I am not good in small talk and don’t open up too easily. I am very happy on my own and I don’t need someone to give my life a meaning. Nevertheless, I like being in good company and spending time with family and friends. Plus, I would appreciate an active love life and, ideally, sharing my life with someone.

Why, then, have I been single for quite a while now? I often struggle with feeling like I have nothing to add in social settings because I am very direct and I hate the games people play with each other. I find politics stressing and after several days with lots of contacts I need some time for myself to recharge my batteries. When it comes to social life, I’m a bit Sheldon-like. I couldn’t be bothered by most of the things people say or do. The other side of that is that I do not judge but respect everybody for being him / her.

People who know me better say I am a warm, funny person who just doesn’t show it. I want to show less disinterest and be more outgoing. I don’t want to spend Friday night on my sofa eating crisps. I want to meet new people and bring some adventure into my life. I became lazy, and that has to stop. This experiment is about meeting people and challenging me, not first and foremost about finding a new partner. Although I won’t complain, should that be a side effect.


Can I swap everyone’s gender, too?

I just realised that I do not have enough male friends. Or: I only know handsome guys and smart ladies. But I’d make for a poor Penny anyway. So, with the cast change I’d have to turn TBBT into a tale of female nerds.

Which would be:

  • Me as the ‘not crazy – my mother had me tested’ Dr. Dr. Sheldonia Cooper. And R. as my lovely partner who accepts me as I am.
  • A. as Dr. Leonardine Hofstadter. Smart, nice, but with a tendency to servility.
  • The wonderful, creative K. as Howard Zarah Wolowitz, and Mr. R. as her surprisingly successful husband.
  • J. as Dr. Rajesh Simone Koothrappali. She’s better when she’s not talking, too.
  • Who could live next door and just be pretty? … Mhm… Oh, that would be my boss S.

Coming to think of it: I am the casting director! Instead of a transgender season I could have a casting where my (male) friends have to tell me which role they want. Is there an English word for the German ‘Besetzungscouch’?

And then I would love to play Leonard’s mother 🙂

Cheers, Nae73