is the eighth sin. 

‘Dumb, and in employment, that is real happiness’, a friend of mine uses to say.

Of course I hate stupidity so much because I envy stupid people. What a life must that be if you don’t see the power relations going on beetween you and your employer, your government, your service providers, your partner. Or, when you see it, but don’t care. When you see but don’t bother how animals live before they turn into burgers, how people live while they make your clothes, how forests vanish for your cheap icecram! Or, when you just don’t see these things. When the government you voted for, sends weapons to Israel, Russia, and to everyone else, too; hey, who cares, as long as we have the jobs?!?

What a life must that be if you know in theory that everything passes by, but you do not link that to your own conscious mind, or to all the people you love?

What a blessing must that be, not to cry when you see what’s happening in the world, not to feel angry and powerless in the face of war, social injustice or environmental damage. Another friend once said: ‘Nae, I can’t bother about all these things. I might turn mad.’ That is not stupidity, that is ignorance. She knows, but she chose not to act on it. That’s sloth.

When you are stupid, you have the right to protection. McDonalds must tell you that coffee is hot, and banks must tell you that being the owner of company shares bears the risk of bankruptcy. No self responsibility required. What a life must that be. You make others think for you. One cannot help but wonder who is the real stupid here.

Chers, Nae73