Social Media Diet

I’m giving up on social media. For a while at least. Having stopped building houses on Facebook months ago was a step into the right direction, but all the time management blabla suggesting to check e-mails once a day works just as long as I have a deadline approaching. Whenever I am free to work in a more relaxed manner, with the space to maybe write the book which would pay my garden, procrastination jumps in, and wait, I do have to comment on this post first.

Withdrawing from all social websites is a tough decision, as I use social media for marketing my services. But then again – also this could be done much more focused and not doing it at all might not nearly have the impact I tell myself it had. To be frank: I think what I fear most is that it had absolutely no impact whatsoever to stop reminding people I exist by liking their food photos. What if nobody misses me?

O.k., I deleted the first account: LinkedIn. I have hardly used it anyway.

Any experiences on quitting social media?

Cheers, Nae73