Hi there!

The other day I thought about quitting social media. Then I felt that it would be pointless to do so when nobody realises what I do. Maybe I should blog about quitting social media? Err, yeah, you see the problem, I guess.

So, that’s how my life goes: I am constantly confronted with the weirdos of society – including me – and I have been trying to make sense of it for some 40 years now. Life is a social field study – and you should chose whether you are an oberver, or the observed. I don’t know yet where this blog is leading me, but I plan to write about my experiments in studying life. I am curious when things are not congruent. I hate stupidity, and I am going to conquer it. Join me if you wish!

Some facts about me: Management artist, social scientist, comedian, teenage nerd mom, multiple cat owner, terrible friend.

Stay tuned!