Coincidence, or connection?

Remember yesterday when I deleted my LinkedIn account? When I considered my contacts and whether I should copy anyone’s details before closing my account, there was exactly one person coming to my mind. My ex boyfriend Mark, whom I met 20 years ago and considered the love of my life for ages. He was totally crazy, a raver and regularly on drugs which took me a while to realise. He left me because he had some issues with my brother, saying: It was great to know you.

I earned some good laughs by telling the quote through the years. Mark has developed the habit of calling me every now and then, reminding me that I am still the love of his life, and I am glad I no longer cling to this fantasy. He cured me when he refused to be my shelter a few years ago when I really needed a friend and a place to hide. Ironically, he really doesn’t get it.

Which I know because? Right! Because he called me today. Not even 24 hours after I deleted the one account where we were connected. Crazy, isn’t it?

The challenge has begun:

  • Are you on Whatsapp?
  • Nope.
  • Any other chat messenger stuff?
  • Those apps showing whether I am online or not? Ah, no.
  • Hugh? But we are all online always.
  • Yeah, I have Facebook, and Twitter, and a landline. And email!

Gosh, I am not a neuro-surgeon on call!

Cheers, Nae73