Kick it

The 111th item on my bucket list is to go the airport and book the next flight available. That is something I always wanted to do. But as soon as I think about it I come up with questions such as:

  • Can I afford the flight?
  • Would I need a visa?
  • What about vaccination?
  • When is the return flight?
  • Who cares for my cats?
  • And the kid?
  • Will I arrive somewhere where I can buy the clothing I need? (Airport: check. Stores: nope.)
  • Do I know a language helpful at the destination?

In my fantasy I am so adventurous and spontaneous. And in real life I am so German, thinking about visa and health care. Boring!

But then I realise where you see people driving to the airport to take a ‘next flight adventure’. It’s in American movies. Haha! You Americans, you can fly hours and hours within your own country! How much of an adventure is that? While you travel from coast to coast, I can cross three or four countries and travel to Asia or Africa. O.k., I could also arrive at the airport up for an adventure and end up in Weeze. Where, I am sure, I could not buy clothes or find a hotel before returning home the next day.

If I took the next flight right now, I would end up in: London! STRIKE!!!

And you?