Can I swap everyone’s gender, too?

I just realised that I do not have enough male friends. Or: I only know handsome guys and smart ladies. But I’d make for a poor Penny anyway. So, with the cast change I’d have to turn TBBT into a tale of female nerds.

Which would be:

  • Me as the ‘not crazy – my mother had me tested’ Dr. Dr. Sheldonia Cooper. And R. as my lovely partner who accepts me as I am.
  • A. as Dr. Leonardine Hofstadter. Smart, nice, but with a tendency to servility.
  • The wonderful, creative K. as Howard Zarah Wolowitz, and Mr. R. as her surprisingly successful husband.
  • J. as Dr. Rajesh Simone Koothrappali. She’s better when she’s not talking, too.
  • Who could live next door and just be pretty? … Mhm… Oh, that would be my boss S.

Coming to think of it: I am the casting director! Instead of a transgender season I could have a casting where my (male) friends have to tell me which role they want. Is there an English word for the German ‘Besetzungscouch’?

And then I would love to play Leonard’s mother 🙂

Cheers, Nae73


My new life

Isn’t it amazing what you get done once you stop living digital and go back to real lfe? I have been without Twitter in the first place, and a number of email newsletters for about a week now. I went out with friends, had an appointment with my fitness trainer to reschedule my workouts, and I have redecorated my home office. It turns into a sleeping room, and I found this gorgeous turquoise water photo as wallpaper. Now I am living in a construction area, because I still wait for the new carpet to be delivered. I hope I will receive it today, because I need some space to go back to working. And I have not posted anything 🙂

My social media diet works out quite well, although I’m still on Facebook. The main reason for that is that I run a professional Facebook page and it takes them 2 weeks to close it. While I wait to confirm my request I become more and more aware what pointless discussions I lead there, with people I quite like but never meet in person. I have some 100 friends on FB, but was invited to only four birthday parties in the past 12 months. And that was a 300% increase compared to 2012!

What happens to birthday parties when you get older? In my 20ies I was constantly partying. In my 30ies, then, I was constantly under stress: had a family, went back to university, my social life did no longer exist – one of the reasons why I embraced social media happily: at least you feel like you are connected. It takes a while to realise that in fact it’s a weak substitute. Of my 100 and a few Facebook friends I deleted 30 last week. Not one of them called or emailed me. And I don’t mind. Had they deleted me, I also would not have realised it.

Anyway, birthday parties: do you celebrate getting older? 

Cheers, Nae73