Does Elizabeth count?

At first I thought I had nothing to contribute. Then sugarcoated91 reminded me that I give names to my dishwasher. Yes, names. But this is not the story about my dishwasher’s multiple personalities.

This is the story about Elizabeth and me.

We met online. I was flirting with some of her sisters, but when I  saw her, it hit me: it was love at first sight.

Our first date was in a small Montblanc store at Hamburg airport. There she was in all her mighty: Elizabeth I, Queen of England. I was shaking when I held her for the very first time, it took my breath away. She looked just as precious as online. And she cost a month’s salary.

But I knew exactly what I had to do: work hard, study hard, and when I completed my MBA a year later I went straight to the proper store. Oddly, now that she was about to be mine I started doubting about giving this present to me. I asked the shop assistant to show me less expensive writing instruments and mumbled about writing with a golden nib being totally bonkers. And then that guy said: “What? No! They are made for writing.” He took Elizabeth, opened the bottle with green ink, and he dunked the gold into the green, handed me the pen and encouraged me to write something.

I paid cash and have written in green ink ever since. I don’t know whether this counts, because I have not named her myself. I just happen to call her as her maker named her.

Cheers, Nae73

Thanks to theodotdoron for the inspiration!


Game of Thrones

I must admit, that it is much easier to consider times when I entered the mainstream cheer rather than when I did not. Because normally I don’t. That everyone loves a book or movie for me is a sign to keep my hands off.

Forst Gump? Boring.

Henning Mankell? Who’s that again?

Fast & Furios? Wake me up when it’s all over.

Rihanna? O my, women who get hit and then excuse their guys should be prohibited in public.

I-phone? Yeah, sure I pay 5000% above production costs because the guy who invented it was so nice.

Currently there seems to be an event I am totally missing, and that is Game of Thrones. To be frank, I had to google it to reassure me that it really is a TV series before I wrote it down, that’s how I can’t be bothered. And therefore, I cannot say why I am not into it. I know nothing about it. Only that I don’t want to watch it. The information that there is a hype is enough for me to stay away.

Maybe one of my readers has an answer: Do I need to see it? Why, or why not?

Cheers, Nae73

What do you mean, second?

I am easily able to go through six different oppinions about anything before you even completed raising the topic!

Being very aware of concepts such as bias or ethnocentrism, I try to evaluate issues from as many different angles as possible, questioning existing approaches and what I already know before developing my own oppinion. Hence, sometimes I have no oppinion simply because I feel like I do not know enough yet. I usually trust my brains and instinct and ask for other’s oppinions seldomly to confirm mine. I ask for others’ input to question what I think I know.

With one exception: I totally depend on other people to judge my performance as a lecturer. I may find myself smart and entertaining, but my own oppinion is meaningless when my students do not agree. So when it comes to doing a good job, I ask for the feedback of those who have to attend my class. Several colleagues I know feel uncomfortable asking students about their performance. Which is quite interesting, given that it is a teacher’s job to judge others all day long.

But who in the world can tell you how well you do your job if not the people you do it with, and for?

Cheers, Nae73

Drop dead

As everyone who reads my blog occasionally might be aware, English is a foreign language for me. I love it nevertheless, because compared to German, which is my mother tongue, English sounds so much softer. I am totally into the English habbit of saying ‘not bad’ when what I’m really wanting to say is ‘that was total rubbish’. It just sounds so much friendlier!

In German, there are so many shades for so many things. E.g., ‘to get’ has at least 20 translations. I find that whenever I want to be precise, it is much easier in German than in English. But there is one English phrase I dearly love, because it sounds exactly like what you want to say. And that is: Drop dead!

In German it is: ‘Fall tot um’. Which sounds quite soft, actually. Drop dead is great. You can give it a tiny ironic twist and use it against friends. But in general it is the worst thing I can say to someone. It sounds harsh and it is on the spot. Once you said this to someone there is no need to ever talk to each other again. Wonderful!

I also have a ‘sounds right’ German term: Labskaus. Doesn’t it sound like something totally disgusting? And it is! Labskaus is a traditional meal from the region where I live, and it consists of corned beef, potatoes, beetroot, pickled herring, and comes with fried egg. Uaarrgh! Definitely not one of my favorite weird meals!

Cheers, Nae73

Pasta and Sugar

I know it’s not THAT unorthodox, given that pasta consists of 75% carbyhydrates. Nevertheless, it is my weirdest treat to shove white sugar over my pasta. 

My Grandpa used to have one ‘proper’ bowl of noodles with sauce, Bolognese quite likely. And then have another bowl with sugar for dessert. So whenever I eat this mix today it is a sweet childhood memory. My Grandpa suffered from lung cancer and passed away when I was 14. He was a warm, generous man, and he had this weird habit of sleeping with his hand on his head, so that his ellbow pointed high in the air. It looked so funny! I recently discovered that my son does the same. He does not share my fling for Grandpa’s weird dessert.

Anyway, if you really want to treat yourself: put pasta and sugar in the pan together and let it caramelize. Mhmh yammieh!

Cheers, Nae73


is the eighth sin

‘Dumb, and in employment, that is real happiness’, a friend of mine uses to say.

Of course I hate stupidity so much because I envy stupid people. What a life must that be if you don’t see the power relations going on beetween you and your employer, your government, your service providers, your partner. Or, when you see it, but don’t care. When you see but don’t bother how animals live before they turn into burgers, how people live while they make your clothes, how forests vanish for your cheap icecram! Or, when you just don’t see these things. When the government you voted for, sends weapons to Israel, Russia, and to everyone else, too; hey, who cares, as long as we have the jobs?!?

What a life must that be if you know in theory that everything passes by, but you do not link that to your own conscious mind, or to all the people you love?

What a blessing must that be, not to cry when you see what’s happening in the world, not to feel angry and powerless in the face of war, social injustice or environmental damage. Another friend once said: ‘Nae, I can’t bother about all these things. I might turn mad.’ That is not stupidity, that is ignorance. She knows, but she chose not to act on it. That’s sloth.

When you are stupid, you have the right to protection. McDonalds must tell you that coffee is hot, and banks must tell you that being the owner of company shares bears the risk of bankruptcy. No self responsibility required. What a life must that be. You make others think for you. One cannot help but wonder who is the real stupid here.

Chers, Nae73