I love Autumn. Which is easy when it is hot like summer, as this week in Northern Germany 🙂

I love everything about it. I love the amazing variety of colours. I also like the fresh greens of Spring or the deep blue of a Summer’s ocean or the bright white of fresh snow. But my favourite time of the year is Autumn. It is still fairly warm and the days have enough sunny hours to prevent you from thinking ahead to depression February. I celebrate my birthday in Autumn. So maybe I like it because it was the first shade of light I saw.

But most of all, Autumn is the time to bring in the harvest. It is a time when people get back to working routine after their summer vacations. I use to go through my to-do-lists and decide what I want to accomplish before the end of the year, and what to let go. And that makes me work on very focused. It is always an active time, but different from Summer when being busy and having fun is more of a social pressure you have to obey to. In Autumn, you can take care for your own goals again. Harvesting has elements of both: earning what you seeded, and preparing for the next year by bringing in the first new seed.

Hence, I use Autumn to discuss project ideas which might be realised in the next year. And I try to close whatever possible before Winter comes. I have no idea why I am still so close to the change of seasons. Maybe it’s the legacy of farming people in my family history – although my grand-grandfather was the last farmer (I talked about my family developing through the generations from farming to academia in another post). Anyway, sometimes I think, that’s also why I don’t like to eat right after waking up. I normally feel like working a few hours before having breakfast. Like, you know, before you can have your cereals, you have to milk the cow.

I’m thinking of attending university dressed up on Halloween. Is that too crazy for a lecturer? And, would you join me and wear costumes in your jobs?

Cheers, Nae73