Hi, fellow scholars of life!

My name is Nae, I’m a social scientist, and I am evaluating human beings in their natural habitat. Applying Action Research methods, I include me in the group I evaluate, and I learn from encouraging behaviour change. The current project is about quitting social media while sharing the experience with the online community.

My specific interest is on the adaptation processes of human beings in changing environments, e.g. I’d really like to know which people learn to use the mobile phone responsibly in traffic, and which ones will die in accidents due to stupidity? And is this what Darwin referred to when he claimed that the species most likely to survive were not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change?

Plus, being smart and strong: what does this mean for me? I am now 40 years old, I have breeded, and I am still open for new challenges. But I also am aware that there are some developments I do not get. Why are students able to update their Facebook status in class, but do not know Google scholar? Trends I do not even want to understand. Microchip implants, seriously?  Or developments in society I heartily consider the end of the civilised world. Am I adaptable?

No one here gets out alive, as Jim Morrison put it. So let’s have a good time, celebrate our beautiful world, and the weird species we are: loving, hating, saying one thing, then doing another, caring, fighting, singing and writing to total strangers. I appreciate you let me accompany you for a part of your journey and thank you for being with me. Feel free to get in touch, and maybe challenge me with a research idea. I am looking forward to learning with you!

Cheers, Nae73


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