Saying Yes

I mentioned elsewhere that I am taking acting lessons, didn’t I? This year is about improvisional theatre, and we started this week with a great first lesson. Our teacher has created an environment where everyone seems to feel safe and comfortable to try out new things. She gave us a homework for the whole year, and that is: say yes.

Those who often say No may be safe, but those who say Yes have more fun.

I laughed, because one of the movies I totally like is Yes Man, where Jim Carrey is cursed to say yes to everything and ends up happy, making lots of other people happy, too. Every time I watch the movie I feel like ‘I should totally do that’. And I never do. While I am happily accepting clients to bother me with demands for unpaid extra services, I would not drive an hour and a half to party. That’s so silly.

At the end of the movie, when the curse breaks, we learn that saying yes includes knowing when to say no. But you can switch the habbit of being against things.

I am curious where this term might lead me, saying yes. What should you say yes to?

Cheers, Nae73