New Project: Standing Lesson

The other day I came across a study suggesting that sitting is not only totally bad for my health (I knew that), but that – contrary to common assumptions – doing sports for compensation would not prevent the bad results from sitting around the whole day. Amongst the health issues caused by excessive sitting are increased risk for depression, overweight, heart attacks, problems with the back and muscles, and the only way to stop the negative side effects of sitting is NOT sitting. I find that really interesting, as some people seem to delude themselves by thinking that running a marathon in their late 40ies would compensate for years of sitting in meetings, planes, offices, living rooms and restaurants. Having a job with much office work myself, I really wonder whether I can change the habbit of sitting.

Now that I deleted my social media life – which changed absolutely nothing, isn’t that sad? – I need a new project. So, I am going to see how much I sit. When I’m not teaching I suppose I make it to 12 hours on my butt. I’ll see whether I can reduce it to less than 5 hours (7 is the daily average for Germans, 9,6 hours for office workers).

What are your experiences? How much do you sit, and did you ever consider it a cause for your health issues?

Cheers, Nae73


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