Whiskey Sour

15 years or so ago, my best friend decided that she wanted to be a barkeeper. She was hanging out with this guy who had his own bar and soon she was working her ass off for him. She also tried to jump off my balcony when he left her, but that’s another story.

When she had recovered, she started learning how to make cocktails, and she also practiced how to make a show from mixing. It killed my illusions about Tom Cruise when I learned that for show barkeeping they do not use the actual bottles required for your chosen drink 😦

I can’t remember when I had my first Whiskey Sour. Bourbon, sugar, lemon juice. And a cherry. What a fresh kick! It makes the classy Bourbon look hot, and that’s pretty much the way I like life. Most barkeepers use too much sugar. But I prefer it Sour. 

The weirdest one I had in London, at The Hoxton. They serve Whiskey Sour with egg white. That’s disgusting. It was an interesting opener for my date, though, drinking egg white. Maybe that’s why they do it…

I have some more guilty pleasures.

  • Baileys I can’t withstand. If you like it, too, have you ever tried Häagen Dasz Baileys? If you really want to spoil your diet: there you go!
  • Coca Cola. Real coke. With sugar and caffeine. Not this crap with artificial sugar which gives you cancer and diabetes. And not Pepsi!
  • Red wine, dry. Preferrably from Italy: Chianti or Bardolino. 
  • Cosmopolitan: The occasional alternative to Whiskey Sour when I’m out with the girls.
  • Guinness. I miss Great Britain.
  • Pina Colada: The sweet holiday feeling.
  • Capuccino. Unfortunately, you rarely find a really good one.
  • Earl grey tea with some milk. For when I try once more to reduce my coffee input. Or to feel brit.

Interestingly, I just realise that coffee is not on the list. That’s a sign for an addiction, I guess, drinking it anyway.

It’s 8.30 am at my place, time for breakfast. Now I want Bourbon. Damn.

Cheers, Nae73


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