But at least you have reproduced.

Ah, Ironic! I love that song. Because I know exactly what Alanis means since I have talked to that girl from my education class on the bus home, and we talked about her boyfriend, and how it hit me when she said his name, that I realised where I knew her from except studying. That bitch with that hollow-hearted asshole I had fallen for since he had looked at me and said: And, who are you? He had left out the information that she was not just a stalker but his actual girlfriend hanging around while he asked me out 10m away from her.

However, that was long ago, and I am done with that one. I wonder if she married him, by the way.

My ‘Ironic’

I was not aware of any spoons, but I knew my knife: My knife was a career for a very long time. I have been working in adult education most of my life, which is an industry with lots of limited contracts and freelancers. Ten years or so ago it boomed, and with more and more people deciding that teaching might be a nice add-on to their actual job – or an easy substitute for those who had lost their original employment – salary and working conditions dropped, and dropped, and dropped. In 2005, I had 3 contracts in a row with the same employer while part of my job was to help people into employment. Can you imagine finding jobs for others while yours is on constant jeopardy? Not to speak about the salary which was so bad, that some of my clients (especially those with children) got more benefits!

For a while I complained about my unsatisfying situation and how I did not know what to do about it. And then I learned about my spoon(s). Friends started to comfort me with: “Well, yeah, that’s really bad. But at least you have your son.”


What do you mean, son. That son I have to feed? Who is in school, has to live somewhere, and might expect me to pay for his studies one day? That son, I have at least, instead of a career???!!!???

In general, I think the 10,000 spoons in life are good advices. As a working single mother I have heard good advices on all my decisions. You simply cannot satisfy people when you confront them with their biggest fears. I have the child: brave, but idiotic. I go to work: And who looks after you child? I leave him alone: Are you not scared that he burns the house down? He nearly burns the house down: Told you! I stay with him: Don’t you think that you two are too close? I move to another country: Now she’s mental.

Over the years I have come to prefering actual help. And I even more appreciate when people who can’t help, just SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Please. Cheers, Nae73


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