Does Elizabeth count?

At first I thought I had nothing to contribute. Then sugarcoated91 reminded me that I give names to my dishwasher. Yes, names. But this is not the story about my dishwasher’s multiple personalities.

This is the story about Elizabeth and me.

We met online. I was flirting with some of her sisters, but when I  saw her, it hit me: it was love at first sight.

Our first date was in a small Montblanc store at Hamburg airport. There she was in all her mighty: Elizabeth I, Queen of England. I was shaking when I held her for the very first time, it took my breath away. She looked just as precious as online. And she cost a month’s salary.

But I knew exactly what I had to do: work hard, study hard, and when I completed my MBA a year later I went straight to the proper store. Oddly, now that she was about to be mine I started doubting about giving this present to me. I asked the shop assistant to show me less expensive writing instruments and mumbled about writing with a golden nib being totally bonkers. And then that guy said: “What? No! They are made for writing.” He took Elizabeth, opened the bottle with green ink, and he dunked the gold into the green, handed me the pen and encouraged me to write something.

I paid cash and have written in green ink ever since. I don’t know whether this counts, because I have not named her myself. I just happen to call her as her maker named her.

Cheers, Nae73

Thanks to theodotdoron for the inspiration!


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