Game of Thrones

I must admit, that it is much easier to consider times when I entered the mainstream cheer rather than when I did not. Because normally I don’t. That everyone loves a book or movie for me is a sign to keep my hands off.

Forst Gump? Boring.

Henning Mankell? Who’s that again?

Fast & Furios? Wake me up when it’s all over.

Rihanna? O my, women who get hit and then excuse their guys should be prohibited in public.

I-phone? Yeah, sure I pay 5000% above production costs because the guy who invented it was so nice.

Currently there seems to be an event I am totally missing, and that is Game of Thrones. To be frank, I had to google it to reassure me that it really is a TV series before I wrote it down, that’s how I can’t be bothered. And therefore, I cannot say why I am not into it. I know nothing about it. Only that I don’t want to watch it. The information that there is a hype is enough for me to stay away.

Maybe one of my readers has an answer: Do I need to see it? Why, or why not?

Cheers, Nae73


12 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. Having originally seen only a few scattered scenes here and there from the first season of Game of Thrones, (when my roommate used to watch it) I used to wonder what the hype was too. The fact that almost all of my friends instantly took a liking to it struck me as suspicious. Were they liking it because the show was too good, or because all their friends liked it, I wondered.

    Anyway after four years of enduring #GOTisAwesome, and #OMGTyrionIsSoCool I had to at least give it a go, so as to have a fair opinion. I dare say I liked it, not as much as most – but this was definitely something different. Some of the storylines are inane and probably suffer from too much build-up while a few others are Shakespeare-esque, if I may say so. So why don’t you give it a try? At the very least you’ll find a reason to hate it – if you’re determined enough!

    Have a nice day!


  2. I get like that when I love something and it becomes “the thing” in a year or two… It kinda lose its charms to me :/

    But, Game of Thrones or GoT… I was suggested to check it out after second season came out, I watched first and second in two days, that’s how captivated I was with it. It is all a matter of taste. I love historical ambient and even though GoT is an imaginary world it is a world without technology, people ride horses etc…. Also, I love a little bit of mystery, here comes the White Walkers, creatures from outta normal world, people who can see trough animals and bunch of awesome stuff like dragons and direwolves. Also, I am hooked because of unpredictability… And characters are mostly portrayed grey, just a few have a title of “bad” or “good”, they all have good and bad sides…
    If you like stuff like this then check it out. I think I’m going to read the books, doesn’t matter I’m late, I just want to connect things in this amazing world G.G.Martin imagined and brought to life.

    I watched one episode of Breaking Bad and half an episode of The Walking Dead, I didn’t like it nor I have the intention to watch it. Same thing with Lost, I liked the idea and watched about two or three episodes, but I was just not into it. 🙂


  3. Game of Thrones is a soap opera set in Medieval times, with a bit of magic thrown in.

    If you like political intrigue, watch.
    If you like boobs, it’s got ’em.
    If you like awesome set design, and awesome acting, watch.

    If you like being a participant rather than watching other people doing things, well, play a video game, (System Shock is one I recommend. Wing Commander 3 & 4 are quite good too.)


    • Politic intrigue: pff. Yeah, sometimes.
      Boops: have some, understand the fuss, but watching TV for them? Naa.
      Set design: appreciate, but not as a cause for watching.
      Acting: Yeah, that is one reason!
      Video games: My son tried to teach me Zelda. I sucked.

      Alright, we seem to approach my try. Thank you!


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  5. Game of Thrones is brilliant. If you are not sure about the TV show, give the books a try – I haven’t read them yet. The entire plot is quite mind blowing to me. I must admit however, first attempt I simply ignored it and thought to myself ‘this is beyond overrated. NEXT!’. A season went by, two… and I ended up watching it all in a row and now, I cannot wait for the next one.

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    • The books are awesome. A bit slow at first (watch the cold open! — you can tell he did TV before this), but it’s like watching someone set up the chessboard — and then flip the table.

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