What do you mean, second?

I am easily able to go through six different oppinions about anything before you even completed raising the topic!

Being very aware of concepts such as bias or ethnocentrism, I try to evaluate issues from as many different angles as possible, questioning existing approaches and what I already know before developing my own oppinion. Hence, sometimes I have no oppinion simply because I feel like I do not know enough yet. I usually trust my brains and instinct and ask for other’s oppinions seldomly to confirm mine. I ask for others’ input to question what I think I know.

With one exception: I totally depend on other people to judge my performance as a lecturer. I may find myself smart and entertaining, but my own oppinion is meaningless when my students do not agree. So when it comes to doing a good job, I ask for the feedback of those who have to attend my class. Several colleagues I know feel uncomfortable asking students about their performance. Which is quite interesting, given that it is a teacher’s job to judge others all day long.

But who in the world can tell you how well you do your job if not the people you do it with, and for?

Cheers, Nae73


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