Drop dead

As everyone who reads my blog occasionally might be aware, English is a foreign language for me. I love it nevertheless, because compared to German, which is my mother tongue, English sounds so much softer. I am totally into the English habbit of saying ‘not bad’ when what I’m really wanting to say is ‘that was total rubbish’. It just sounds so much friendlier!

In German, there are so many shades for so many things. E.g., ‘to get’ has at least 20 translations. I find that whenever I want to be precise, it is much easier in German than in English. But there is one English phrase I dearly love, because it sounds exactly like what you want to say. And that is: Drop dead!

In German it is: ‘Fall tot um’. Which sounds quite soft, actually. Drop dead is great. You can give it a tiny ironic twist and use it against friends. But in general it is the worst thing I can say to someone. It sounds harsh and it is on the spot. Once you said this to someone there is no need to ever talk to each other again. Wonderful!

I also have a ‘sounds right’ German term: Labskaus. Doesn’t it sound like something totally disgusting? And it is! Labskaus is a traditional meal from the region where I live, and it consists of corned beef, potatoes, beetroot, pickled herring, and comes with fried egg. Uaarrgh! Definitely not one of my favorite weird meals!

Cheers, Nae73


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